Why Should I Choose Animation as a Career?

We have a stereotype that animation is only meant for children and isn’t meant for adults. In India, animation is a profession that was underrated in the movie industry. But now these stereotypes have turned 180 degrees. The audience was captivated by the emotional and adventurous journey of “Up” to the riveting tale of  “beauty and the beast”, how can I not mention the surreal world of “Frozen”. These movies have triggered each and every emotion of the audience.


With a high salary, career growth, and the chance to showcase your creativity, the animation is one of the most sought-after career options these days. Nowadays, this industry is termed as one of the prospective sectors. In terms of a professional arena, this sector is booming with opportunities. This field is considered a stream of extensive visualization, creativity, and art.

Job Options in the Animation Sector 

As per the reports of the Associated chamber of commerce of India (ASSOCHAM), about 15,000 animation specialists work in India’s more than 300 animation companies. The gaming sector is one of the most popular places to work, and it pays handsomely.

Earlier, animation was most commonly used in cinema and television for amusement; but now it is also used in other fields such as gaming business, sales, engineering, education, and advertising. Moreover, gaming production houses are now in need of a quality manpower. As per Deccan Herald, about 40,000 manpower is required in the animation and gaming industry; which is considered one of the largest industries under the media and entertainment sector.  Along with that print media, and publishing firms are also good places to look for animators.

Reasons to Choose a Career in the Animation Sector 

Here are a few factors to choose a career in the animation sector:

Diverse job prospects

There are numerous prospects for animators; because of its multi-dimensional characteristics and an increasing number of career opportunities. This industry is expanding as a result of increased demand in the media and entertainment sector (including gaming) and digitization. Animators are needed not only in the media industry, but also in graphic design firms, educational institutions, and other advertising agencies. You may start your career in animation with a bang if you have a diploma in animation or after completion of any certification course in animation. Along with that relevant abilities and knowledge is obviously necessary.For that you will get trained in animation courses. Several animation institutions might assist you in realizing your ambition to work as an animator.

Up-Scaling of the Industry

Every industry requires animators. It is now widely utilized as a simple method of teaching both youngsters and adults. The global 3D animation market is expected to reach USD 39.96 billion by 2028, according to a survey. From 2021 to 2028, a CAGR of 11.7 percent was recently recorded. According to a recent survey, this industry is one of the fastest-growing not only in India but also globally.
Animation has been a well-defined employment option in recent years. Along with promising work opportunities. It is one of the best fields in which you may be creative and bring your ideas to reality. A qualified animation expert has a lot of career opportunities, which is why the professional marketplace is flooded with them.

Along with that since the arrival of special effects, the animation industry holds a special place in almost every industry. As there is a huge scarcity in the supply pipeline for skilled manpower or skilled animation professionals. Therefore, the demand continues to grow each and every year. Hence, to create immense manpower in this sector; reputed institutes are providing animation courses in Kolkata

Perfect Place for Creative People

To begin with, if you are looking for a location where your originality will be recognized, the animation sector is the perfect option for you. This industry is based on a few key elements: skills, ideas, talents, and creativity. It has a lot of room for creative people. However, it is up to you to use your imagination and demonstrate your ability to portray visual effects. Through his or her caricatures, a good animator should be able to communicate and connect with the audience.

  • Modern-Day Career Alternative

The world has changed dramatically since the internet was established and technology advanced. A plethora of career and job opportunities arose. A substantial shift in today’s generation’s career choices may also be observed. An aspirant in the animation industry has a plethora of employment options to choose from. Most importantly, few qualifications are required. Above all, how much skill an individual can develop is entirely dependent on the individual. Learn: what is the scope in the animation sector.

Take Away

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