game development course in kolkata

Game Development Course in Kolkata

Game Development Course

Duration: 9 Months 

Classes: 3 per week

Placement: Pre Placement Offer + 100% Placement Assistance

In recent years, Game Development has become a highly preferred career choice for engineers, computer programmers, and IT professionals. Game Development is one of the fastest-growing segment of the Indian Media and Entertainment industry. As per AIGF, more than 40000 skilled professionals are needed by the end of this year. With the introduction of gamification, developers are now needed in almost each and every industry across the world. A game developer specializes in programming games and instilling logic in them.

Why you Should Join the Game Development Course at Red Apple Learning?

game design course in Kolkata

  1. Getting trained by one of the largest recruiters of gaming professionals somehow ensures your career right from the first day of training.
  2. Dynamic and industry-aligned curriculum will enable you to learn the most updated software and This is also somewhat impossible for any regular college or training institute.
  3. We are probably the only institute in Eastern India offering comprehensive training in “Core Gaming”.
  4. Red Apple Learning is unlike any other typical institute because our students are mentored by experts presently working on live national and international projects.
  5. Lastly, Red Apple Learning is the only institute offering provision for In-House Placement at our own production house. Being one of the largest recruiters of Eastern India, the production house of Red Apple hires hundreds of students each year.


Why a Diploma Course in Game Development is Better than a Degree Course in Game Development?


Game designing course in Kolkata

Game Development is a practical skill-based profession. Every recruiter expects their employees to know the practical nitty-gritty of game programming instead of memorizing theories. Most of the degree courses in India train students without a distinct emphasis on core programming. Thus, Red Apple Learning strives to train its students with 100% practical training and live project exposure. Most of the degree courses in multimedia include fundamentals of graphics, animation, VFX, etc. While recruiters prefer specialization. Thus being a jack of all trades and master of none certainly impedes the possibilities of placement for students.

Who can Apply?


All applicants must have a basic understanding of object-oriented programming like C/ C#/ C++. Interested aspirants may apply for Game Development Courses only after completing their 10+2 in science or other relevant courses with computer science as a mandatory subject. Students from NIOS are also eligible to apply for the game development training program. Students from BCA/ MCA/ BTech/ MTech background usually applies to game development training as because demand and scalability in gaming industry is way more than IT industry. The skill gap in gaming industry is high and the availability of skilled professionals is scarce thus developers have a monopoly in Indian gaming industry.

Career Overview as Freshers:

game development course in Kolkata

The average course fee varies in different colleges and according to the course level. However one has to spend an estimated amount of INR 50k – 3 L for professional Game Development courses. Post-completing the course, candidates can expect an average salary of INR 1.8 – 4.5 LPA. However, with experience and knowledge, the salary of a Game Developer can go up to as much as INR 14.2 LPA.

Course Outcome:

quick look

  • Introduction to Gaming Industry
  • History of Games
  • Genres of Games
  • Understand Game Design & Development Pipeline
  • Elements of Game Design & Development Pipeline
  • C, C++ & C# Programming Basics
  • Data Structures
  • Advanced C# & C# Companions
  • C# & .Net Programming
  • Game Engine Concepts
  • Unity Programming Basic to Advanced
  • Learn A.I Programming
  • Develop a Complete Game
  • Unity Developer
  • Game Programmer
  • Game Engine Programmer
  • A.I Programmer
  • Game Developer
  • Red Apple’s expertise of more than a decade in Game Development, ensures that the students have complete industry exposure.
  • Industry mentors along with periodical masterclasses from industry veterans.
  • 100% hands on Training from Day 01.
  • Students can showcase or monetize their projects with RAL Incubation programs.
  • 100% finance available through NEEV credit Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1:1 students Vs machine ratio.
  • 17+ years of age at the time of admission
  • Minimum 50% marks or higher in Higher secondary Exam
  • Student has to appear and clear the (R.A.C.E) screening exam.
  • Get in touch with our Education Team to discuss in detail.
  • Easy finance and EMI options available for students. Get in touch with our education team.
How To Apply



In-House + 100% Pan India Placement

    Student Testimonial

    Stany Edward Animator in red apple learning

    Well, If you want to build a career in 2D, 3D Design and Game development Red Apple Learning is the best place to come to.
    I embarked on the journey of being a 3D designer and within few months i learnt a lot about the industry, the pipeline and the hard work behind every game you’ve played. Trust me, if you have the ambition and the passion to create worlds out from your mind, Red apple learning will help you in your journey.

    Stany Edward Anthony

    Red Apple team fulfills their promise of “placement assistance”. I just got my full-time job! Thank you so much Red Apple Learning.

    Milon chowdhury

    I enjoy my time at Red Apple Learning since it provides excellent opportunities as well as assistance from faculty and placement officers.

    Sayani Ghosh

    Got my pre-placement offer letter before my completion of my specified course. Feel lucky to be a part of Red Apple Learning.

    Sayandeep Sutradhar


    • Pandemic proof industry: Covid 19 has pushed some of the leading industries like aviation, hotel and hospitality, education, Animation/ VFX and even media and advertisement on the verge of extinction; gaming industry have proven to be more resilient than most other industries.
    • Colossal necessity of skilled professionals: Evidently, Covid 19 has changed the dynamics of conventional career trajectories. From freshers to working professionals of some of the most happening industries are facing acute professional uncertainties. Unfortunately, layoffs has become the new normal. In contrary to this situation, gaming industry is in desperate demand for skilled manpower.
    • Alluring packages for freshers: Red Apple Learning at present is offering INR 15K- Rs. 20K/ month as starting salary for a fresher students. Is there any better opportunity at present?
    • Promising growth: With growing digitization gaming industry has transcended growth of both movie and sports combined. Since gaming industry is at its nascent stage, professionals are enjoying fastest growth in gaming industry.
    • Utility gaming: Advancement of game engines along with VR/AR/MR & XR have widened the opportunities in other segments like education, gamevertising, simulation training, research and development, real estate, defence forces, manufacturing, health and pharmaceuticals etc. So a game developer need not work for entertainment games only. Rather wider application of this futuristic technology had flung open a whole gamut of opportunities is each and every other industries.
    • Faster employability: Unlike other courses, a comprehensive training program in gaming takes around a year to make an average student ready for employment. This certainly involves specialized curriculum and committed involvement of students.
    • Exponential growth in domestic consumption of gaming: Reportedly, India has emerged as the largest consumer of online game with 7.3 billion downloads in 2020. Unlike IT, this growth in domestic consumption has fostered gaming industry as the most sought after career opportunities in India
    • Growing ancillary sectors: Streaming has become uber-popular to the point where the top four platforms (Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Mixer and Facebook Gaming) garnered a combined 13 billion hours watched in 2019. Games are also becoming popular among B2B (business to business) segment with gamification, gamevertising or mere entertainment games.
    • Holistic market base: Consumers of gaming industry is as broad as health and pharma industries. Irrespective of nationality, caste, religion, literacy, financial status- gaming is for all.
    • Redefining entertainment: Unlike a decades ago, when entertainment was all about movies and sports; gaming industry is vastly redefining as the most immersive and awe inspiring form of entertainment.

    This meteoric rise of gaming industry shall continue with growing digitization, technological advancements and growing disposable income. To grab a slice of this meteoric success, apply now.

    Guided by a renowned production house, RAL is unlike any other typical institutes. RAL distinguishes itself in following manners:

    • In-house placement opportunity: It is impossible for any typical institute
    • End to End Game development program: A student gets to learn every nuances of game designing and development. A handful of institutes in India are capable of imparting this comprehensive training program. Our certificate programs in core gaming are more comprehensive than fancy degree courses from some of the renowned universities.
    • Pre Placement Offer (PPO): These are provisional offer letters handed out to students right at the time of admission. Most institutes rely on other production houses for placement of their students and hence PPO is unexpected from any conventional institutions.
    • Live project Exposure: Again this is possible only because of our production house where students can have hand on experience on live projects.
    • Affordable training program: Gaming Technology is undoubtedly one of the most expensive technologies in the world. RAL thrives to make this technology more affordable for the mass. The objective use to empower maximum number of students with employable skill based training and secure their career in this pandemic proof industry.
    • Industry centric Dynamic Curriculum: Since the primary objective of RAL is to train and generate skilled professionals for gaming industry; Red Apple Learning boasts of industry centric dynamic curriculum which include every latest changes in industry and job market.


    • Comprehensive Curriculum: Red Apple is the only institute in Eastern India offering end to end game development training to students.

    • Specialization: Red Apple Learning offers a vast array of specializations which include, Graphic Designing, UI/ UX Designing, Illustration and Iconography, Game Art, Concept Art, Branding, 3D modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Editing, Rigging, Animation, Game programming, App Development, React JS, Node JS, Full Stack Development etc.

    • Advanced Pedagogy: Red Apple Learning can be attributed with advanced pedagogy which helps with the holistic development of students and foment them to excel as professionals in future.

    1. Extended Practicals: Unlike any other institutes, Red Apple imparts Full Time professional courses where a student gets to practice upto 48 hours/ week. This not only helps them learn more but also eases their competition at the time of placement.
    2. Metacognitive Classes: Again this is an unique feature at Red Apple. No other college/ university or institutes in India contributes more significantly to the metacognitive capacity of students.

    3. Protégé Effect Project (Learning by Teaching): This is also a unique pedagogical evolution undertaken by Red Apple Learning to implement the Protégé Effect in regular studies where the most credible student is selected to train proteges. This however help the selected student to apprehend his learning in the most effective manner. Whereas the proteges also get additional guidance from the usual classes

    • Live project Exposure: Again this is possible only because of our production house where students can have hand on experience on live projects.
    • Add on Certifications: Since Red Apple believes in holistic development of students, there are multiple provisions for earning additional certificates for soft skills, leadership skills and innovations. These certificates elucidates on leadership skills, managerial skills or soft skills of the respective student/s. Hence it becomes easier for recruiters to identify key qualities of the students at the time of interview.
    • Dedicated websites: Each student of Red Apple Learning owns a dedicated website showcasing their individual artworks, expertise, personal details and CVs. This helps our students to maintain and exhibit a professional identity at the time of placement.

    • Industry Recognized Certification:Since Red Apple Learning is mentored by one of the largest game development companies in India, our curriculum and pedagogy resonates the standard requirements of the industry and recruiters. Hence Red Apple is one of the most favorite destination for recruiters in CG and Gaming industry.
    • Pan India Placement: Red Apple Learning offers Pan India Placement opportunities to deserving students who want to relocate in any other parts of the country.

    • In-House Placement & PPO:This is what makes Red Apple Learning the most sought after game development training institute in India. Red Apple Learning offers provision for in-house placement to deserving students. Thus Red Apple Learning is the only institute to provide Pre Placement Offers to deserving students right at the time of admission in their stipulated courses.

    Red Apple Learning is a legally registered company, registered under Companies Act 2013. Red Apple Learning is the training and empowerment division of renowned game development company Red Apple Technologies.

    Students selected in career courses at RAL gets Pre placement offer right at the time of admission. Unlike typical institutes, Red Apple Learning offers in-house placement opportunity and live project exposure to students pursuing gaming courses at Red Apple Learning

    The present pandemic situation has jeopardized millions of professionals and the families in India. Due to this pandemic 35 lakh professionals have lost their job only in the month of April 2021. At RAL, our primary priority is to render employable skill based training to students and make them employable at earliest possible.

    Presently all our courses are short terms courses ranging between 6 months to 12 months of classroom training entailed with provision for in-house placement.

    Taught by industry veterans, exposure to live projects and certification from a production house- ambiguously make students of RAL more employable in gaming industry than students from a typical institution.

    • Passed 10th standard from any reputed board or institution.
    • Student must have a basic dent for games
    • Students with fundamental knowledge of C#/ C++ is preferable (needed only for developer program)
    • Must have basic understanding of aesthetics
    • For online classes, students must have a standard desktop and broadband connection at home