Gaming industry is vast and is still growing rapidly. If you want to be a part of this massive transformation be ready from the very beginning else golden opportunities will be missed. Now in this post we will be talking about our upcoming webinar which will give you a comprehensive idea about how making a career here will remain unaffected even amidst the ongoing pandemic. Our live session will commence at 11:30 AM on 24th May and we are all eager to see you on the other side as prospects or aspiring professionals.

We at Red Apple Learning have been training people who are determined to enter the gaming world and make a lucrative and secured career. Since we are associated with this profession for long, it really becomes easy for us to show you how gradually this industry is getting transformed to meet the global demands with innovation and dynamism. But as this business is expanding fast, it is obvious that it will require more resources to keep pace with the soaring requirements. The main objective of our webinar is to highlight the aspect of secured employment for the aspirants as well as for those who are insecure about their job stability.

USP of Red Apple Learning

Placement security: Being a training academy in the field of game development and design, we focus on making the candidates suitable for their desired job. To make this possible we have to keep a close watch on the emerging trends that can create benchmarks along with making the players loyal and satisfied. Securing jobs for the aspirants is not easy as it sounds. Well for that we have our job ready course modules curated and taught by industry stalwarts. With a short time span and paid industrial training we have been able to minimise the skill gap experienced by brands in making diver games belonging to multiple genres.

Pandemic resistant: Being a game development academy in Kolkata we have seen that this pandemic has fuelled the growth of creating distinctive and immersive gaming content. This is because across the globe people are keeping indoors and are spending most of their time either on mobiles or on computers. What better than games can make them engaged in a better and in an entertaining way. Our webinar will also showcase this to make you understand how your game development/design career can guarantee the stability that you need to grow and excel.

Multiple jobs available: Last but not the least, through our webinar we will showcase how the game development ecosystem can deliver you the desired jobs as per your skills and competencies. You will be fascinated to know that currently game development companies all over the world are running short of skilled manpower and hence you have a golden opportunity to fill this gap by getting trained. Profiles ranging from development to designing, from testing to animation and graphics and lots more career opportunities in the gaming industry are waiting for you to get grabbed. Each has its own specification. But prior to that let us meet at this webinar to resolve your queries or apprehensions that are preventing you to take a definite call.

Conclusion: Now tell us what do you think? Does this seem like a bright future for you or are you still unsure about choosing your career. Well our interactive session can provide you with a better solution. With industry speakers you can have direct communication to avail prompt and effective solutions. This will make you informed appropriately about making the right choice for your career development. Hope this session will be the best lesson of your life to realise your passion and make it your source of employment. See you soon till then stay safe and focus on your mission. 

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