India being a developing nation is not far behind from the revolution of gaming tools and technologies. This has been clearly evident from the rise in the number of gamers and developers in the country. Market reports have also suggested with statistics and figures that the Indian game development industry has got a huge prospect both for the players and also for those who wish to make a secured career in this ecosystem. 

For example as per EY estimates the segment of online gaming in 2019 grew by 40 percent to reach 65 billion rupees. Also it has been estimated that by 2022 this figure will become 187 billion rupees registering a CAGR of 43 percent. Based on the reports of Statista, EY has analysed that in 2019 the number of online gamers in India grew by 31 percent and reached 365 million. Again it has been assumed that by 2022 this figure will approximately increase to 440 million gamers

This blog post will give you a wider picture of Indian gaming context and how it can be an employment hub for future generations.

13 percent of the global game app downloads in 2019 was contributed by India. For instance during this year 5.6 billion game applications were downloaded in India which had been the highest across the globe. Compared to economies like the UK, Mexico, Brazil, France, India is the only country where both men and women spend equal time on gaming apps. Casual games with connection, fun and relaxation elements are found to be more popular among the women participants while competitive gaming has also witnessed a sharp rise of women participants.

These are some indicators that the game developers must consider and should strategize their initiatives to think of other target groups rather than traditional young players. 

20 Percent Growth of Casual Gaming

The growth and popularity of casual gaming is the result of in-app purchases which also increased by 30 percent. 65 percent revenues of casual gaming comes from the in-app purchases while advertisements contribute 35 percent. Simple and hyper casual games are gaining prominence because of their prospects to engage the players.

An Ideal Platform to Ensure Steady Progress in Game Development

Currently India has got close to 40 popular and plenty of small companies involved in making diverse games belonging to multiple genres to meet the varied aspirations. Now this country has been regarded as a strong provider of talents and skills required to come up with trending games of international repute. Keeping this in mind, international game development companies are collaborating with the Indian entities to work on platforms like ML and AI. 

Technologies to Increase Retention and Player Engagement

AI Based Characters : Gaming characters that are created with AI, reflect actions taken by the original players but their behavior is modified in accordance with the nature and scope of the games. This delivers a realistic experience to the gamers who perform the desired actions in the virtual environment involving psychological emotions.

Cloud Gaming : This is another powerful technology which is capable of providing seamless experience with enhanced graphics and high speed. The players here do not have to download or install their favourite games but can play directly. 

Data Science : This technique helps in using pattern analysis to enable higher engagement, increased monetization, fraud detection and player retention. 

Role of Red Apple Learning in the Current Gaming Spectrum

Being a prominent game development academy in Kolkata, we believe in creating resources who are passionate enough to work in various capacities to make games innovative and engaging. Considering the Indian gaming prospects we have been successful in mentoring aspirants not only to make their career secure but also to enhance their core competencies in delivering services better than the best.

From the above discussion, you can have an idea how the gaming space is expanding to generate new employment opportunities for all those who are determined to make an entry in this amazing world. With a focus on reducing the skill gap our course curriculum is in tandem with the business requirements to ensure growth and profitability.

As a game development institute in Kolkata we have been successful in creating indispensable resources who are working independently to make games exclusive in terms of features and functionalities. With a vision of making dreams a reality our brand aims in enriching the look and feel to enable players carve for more.

Conclusion: So what are you waiting for? Love to play games? Come on India is booming with game developers who can meet your aspirations with mind blowing and compelling storylines and gameplay. Worried about your professional career? Passionate about learning the nuances of game development? Well get in touch with us and be a part of the Indian game development fraternity. By opting for your dream game development courses in Kolkata you can not only make a mark for yourself but can also create benchmarks to stand out.

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