What are the 5 Reasons to Join Gaming Industry?

Gaming is one such industry that is booming with a huge number of opportunities. In the year 2020; the world of gaming began to rise, and the online gaming segment has continued to grow since then. According to Tracxn Technologies, investment in the gaming business surged by 108 percent to $ 443.3 million in 2021, compared to $212.9 million the previous year. According to a recent KPMG report, the online gaming sector was valued at Rs 13,600 crore in 2021 and is expected to grow to Rs 29,000 crore by 2025. The fundamental driver of this sector’s significant growth in internet and mobile penetration. So in this article, we will see the five reasons to join gaming industry.


5 reasons to join gaming industry

  • Higher Employability Ratio

While the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on countless enterprises around the world, the $118 billion gaming sector has thrived. A huge percentage of people have started using gaming for amusement, stress reduction, relaxation, and a connection to the outside world during lockdowns. This resulted in a 20% increase in worldwide gaming sales and the creation of roughly 20,000 employment in 2020 alone in India. And there’s no sign of it slowing off anytime soon.

According to IBISWorld, the industry is expected to expand again in 2021. This is fantastic news for the burgeoning game business; particularly for individuals hoping to land a position at a studio working on the next big hit. As a result, game developers and designers have a near-zero unemployment rate. That means there is an unprecedented chance to enter this field. As there is a demand for game designers and game developers; the young tech aspirants are also getting into several game designing and game development courses.

  • Government Encouragement for the Gaming Industry

There has been a healthy growth in the AVGC industry, specifically the video gaming industry. Most industry forecasts that the video gaming industry will contribute to immense growth over the next few years. Hence, with its upscaling segment; the Indian government has also taken a step so that our vast gaming industry can be one of the leading sectors as well. Our Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman revealed during her Union Budget speech that the government will establish an Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics (AVGC) promotion task force to encourage talent in animation and gaming industries.

       reasons to join gaming industry

According to Sitharaman, the AVGC industry will present a great chance for young professionals as well as new job prospects. “The AVGC sector has a huge potential for youth employment. The aim of this move is to recruit new talent and provide them with the necessary resources to help the AVGC sector expand globally.

  • Colossal Demand for Manpower for Games and Gamification Projects

There is a colossal demand and requirement for manpower in this industry. The gaming Industry is one of the biggest sectors under the category of Media and entertainment sector.  During the pandemic, those who were confined to their homes turned to video games to pass the time. As companies attempt to grow their workforce, the gaming industry in India is seeing a surge in demand for technically proficient people. And in this sector, there is a high requirement of manpower; as per the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) the gaming industry is expected to provide approximately 40,000 employment, which is very significant from a job creation standpoint. Different technical and non-technical companies are also focusing on gamification due to brand loyalty, influence, and level of engagement. Even industries like education, enterprises, and health and wellness sectors are adopting gamification to ensure better growth and profitability.

  • The Culmination of all Futuristic Technologies

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are four examples of innovative technology. Their positive impact is seen across all industries and company functions. For instance: Artificial intelligence advancements are assisting in the automation of knowledge that was previously in the domain of people. AI-powered chatbots are taking the place of contact pages and customer support representatives. AI has far-reaching applications in a variety of fields, including retail, banking, and healthcare, to name a few.

Users can teach machine learning systems to answer “unstructured inquiries” in conversational language. Machine Learning systems with Natural Language Processing capability can understand these questions and provide reliable replies. Machine Learning can be useful in generating dynamic decisions as well. Likewise, in upcoming years there will be high demand for these technologies. So with the culmination of all futuristic technologies, there will be a glut of manpower is necessary in this industry. Due to this Red Apple Learning has also taken an initiative to provide adequate manpower to this industry;

  • Declining Employability Ratio of Traditional Career Options 

With time, we have seen a declining employability ratio in the mainstream career options like engineering and management. As per the trusted reports of the Associated chamber of commerce (ASSOCHAM), about 13% of MBA students are under-skilled due to inadequate syllabus and backdated syllabus quality. The MBAs lack in their practical knowledge; in most fields and hence they are unable to manage things with responsibility when they get into a professional environment. On the other hand; every year about 15 lakh students are getting into engineering and as per the National employability report 2019, about 80 percent of students are not suitable for industrial work due to insufficient professional skills. Due to this, about 12.9% of students, work in non-technical fields even though they have a technical background.

 Take Away 

There is huge demand for manpower in this gaming sector. For technology lovers who possess creative thinking skills to build engaging and unique interactive experiences, video game designing or game development is a prospective career option. The young aspiring minds who want to get into this gaming industry; should consider their career options early in their education to ensure the fact that they meet all the professional criteria for joining the industry. They can also choose game development or game designing courses so that they can get professional training.

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