Things to Know Before Choosing a Career

Things to Know Before Choosing a Career

People have a wide array of career options available to them. Some people know their life’s purpose and what career path they should follow; whereas others that are relatively bigger in the number who try to fit into any opportunities that arise. There has been an increase in the frequent changing of careers nowadays; where an individual can change from one career path to another. Regardless of whatever institution you are in; choosing a career path is extremely important if you want to see yourself in the professional world.

Remember to avoid committing yourself to a career that may not benefit you financially and be satisfied with whatever job you get. Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the factors you should consider before choosing a career.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Career Option

In this section we have classified the factors that you should consider while you are choosing your career:


Self-assessment is important for choosing a career. It’s a good idea to give yourself some time to consider before making any significant decisions Likewise, it’s the same when choosing a career. You will have to consider your preferred line of employment, and other factors in this phase. When choosing a job or career path, you should conduct your study and keep up with the kinds of jobs that never go out of style.

For instance, the gaming industry is growing at a fast pace; not only that with the emergence of AR, VR, AI, and Metaverse the gaming industry requires a huge number of manpower. Hence, this requirement is not going to stop anytime soon. Along with that the demand for 2D and 3D animators are also is in high demand. Due to the high demand for manpower in this animation sector reputed institutes are providing 2D and 3D animation courses in Kolkata. Getting jobs that are temporary and won’t give you any job satisfaction might be exhausting. Hence, before making decisions, look into employment openings in the industry you want to work in.


For the majority of people who set out to build their careers, this is the fundamental and one of the most important criteria. The purchasing power of people who dare to dream is determined by affordability or money in layman’s terms. When the Right to Education in India attempts to guarantee education for everyone, it falls short of distributing the required level of education. Only those with the means can access the best education, information, and opportunities. Most students disregard their passions and opt for a career that best suits their financial situation. To be very precise it is a really important factor; you should always choose a course that will fit aptly not only in your pocket; but should also serve the purpose of making your career a prosperous one.

Employment Ratio

The third important factor that you should consider before choosing a career is the employment ratio. For example, During the lockdown when the world’s largest industries like aviation, travel and other industries collapsed; the segment of the gaming industry took a flight. While millions of people lost their jobs in other sectors, at that particular point the gaming industry had a requirement of most number of manpower – that too in the first 9 months of the lockdown. In 2020, India ranked number one in terms of game downloads; worldwide. According to the recent data from the All India Gaming Federation (AIGF), at least 40,000 manpower is required in the game industry in India by 2022.

On the other hand, according to the National Employability Report 2019, 80% of the students who have passed engineering in India, despite having a degree from a reputed and expensive institution, are not suitable for the job as per the demand of the market. Although about 1.5 million students pass engineering every year, about 12.5 of them get a job. Millions of students are forced to work in non-technical fields for low pay. Hence, you should choose a course that has a proper demand in the job market. Although, industry experts are of the view that the gaming industry is not slowing down anytime soon, because of the emergence of AR, VR, AI, and metaverse as well. Due to this reputed institutes are proving game development courses in Kolkata.


In terms of scalability, we can categorize it into 2 parts. Individual and industrial prospects.

Individual Prospect

First, let’s discuss about individual prospects. It’s crucial to understand whether your chosen career offers room for advancement or not. Or after a point of time, there is a possibility of stagnancy in your career prospect. This refers to your ability to grow in your job; pick up new abilities, and assume greater responsibilities. You should give attention to positions with consistent recruiting and growth. For example, full-stack development is in high demand and its growth won’t be slowing down as they have a broad range of knowledge and skills. This allows them to be adaptable, highly flexible, and agile which are all necessary skills to develop both the front and the back end. Due to the high requirement for full-stack developers in different industries; institutes are providing full-stack development courses.

Industrial Prospect

Now let’s come to the Industrial prospect. How your chosen job is positioned in the labor market is another crucial piece of information that can be termed as the industrial prospect. Check out your career path in the job market, is it a long-term one or are there more job openings? Think about it and find out every piece of information you need to know. Think about such a career path for instance even if more workers are being replaced by robots in the workplace, there are still plenty of positions available where one can find satisfying work and advance in their careers. Before making a selection, look into employment openings in the industry you want to work in.

When you find a career that fulfills you and gives you the job satisfaction; you need to accomplish your long-term objectives. Long-term job commitments provide many benefits because they help you advance and become more successful while also allowing you to become an authority in your chosen industry. It is best to construct a roadmap to set you on the right path for your future once you have decided on a career path that meets all of your needs and after you have assessed the considerations surrounding your choice.

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