How to Make your Career in Indian Gaming Industry

Are you a high school student? Worried about career paths? Well what about making your career lucrative via playable game development. Yes you have heard it right. We are talking about the professional dynamics in the current gaming spectrum. It has been seen that students across the globe particularly in developing countries like India are facing difficulties when it comes to making a flourishing career. Passing out of schools and colleges do not always guarantee you a career growth. On the other hand, it has been seen that people who have turned their passion into a profession have excelled. We as a game development training institute believe in enhancing the competency level to accept challenges and deliver the strategic tasks with utmost ease and efficiency.

So here also, if you are passionate about playing games, definitely you have an inclination towards knowing how those are made to meet the desired aspirations. To pursue this you need to take up game development as your occupation. Does it seem exciting? Well maybe this post can take you a bit closer towards realizing your dream job which you are currently not aware of.

Why to pursue a game development career as a professional in the Indian market

Games have always been popular as forms of entertainment for people of all ages. This implies that already you have a wide targeted audience unlike businesses from other industries where the prospects are either limited or specified. Sitting in India you can easily serve your international gamers with trend setting solutions. Isn’t it fascinating? Next you will be experiencing a platform where technology meets productive excellence. It means that if you have a creative bent of mind, you can definitely be a valuable asset of this growing industry via delivering innovative and dynamic services. Last but not the least, once you start knowing the art of game development or design, then sky’s the limit. But how to get started?

How we at Red Apple Learning can reduce the skill gap in this sector

Now as the gaming industry is experiencing new concepts, trends and practices, it has become essential for the aspirants to become specialised in various domains. With more number of game developers entering the Indian market, the demands for skilled resources are also increasing. In most of the cases due to lack of able and competent professionals, Indian game developers suffer to deliver the desired performances with efficiency and accuracy.

To reduce such complexities, we have come up in the eastern part of India with the sole focus in developing passionate work force who can keep pace with the ever increasing demands. Our courses are up to date and hence can provide you with your desired profile after successful completion of the courses. With paid internship programmes we care for students like you to initiate your career in the entry level with a decent stipend.

This apart our concern for aspiring entrepreneurs can make you employers to generate employment opportunities for others to showcase their designing or developmental capacities.

Compared to other branches of professional courses, wherein you need to invest huge sums and at least 3 to 4 years of your precious time, our game development modules involve a time duration between 6 to 9 months and three months of industry training. In short within a time span of 1 year you would be ready to kickstart your professional journey in various dimensions-ranging from developer to animator, from a designer to a rigger, from a tester to a lead artist and lots more.

How we at Red Apple Learning have created an awareness about game development as a profession

According to the Sample Registration System of India 2018, the youth population constituted 46.9 percent of the total. Considering this we came up with an online gaming contest: Call Of Duty Mobile to raise awareness and grow interest in the Game Development Industry in Bengal. Our effort to connect with the Gaming Community in Kolkata has paid off well with an unprecedented and overwhelming response. Out of 200 registrations received, 100 took part and finally 3 were declared winners. This has served a great purpose in encouraging aspirants to take up game development as a dependable and flourishing career security.

Conclusion: Being a game development training academy our effort lies in making the future of the aspirants bright and secured. Not only regarding placement support but also in terms of honing the entrepreneurial skills we have come up with our autonomous module of Incubation initiative wherein the candidates will be trained to make their individual games and publish those with all trending procedures to stand out. So do not miss the chance of becoming a business owner and employ others to excel with innovation.

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