Gaming Industry Growth Trends in 2021

Game development or making games by 2025 is expected to reach 256.97 billion dollars. An audience of around 456 million people will be enjoyed in the realm of eSports. By the end of 2020 gamers will spend 4.5 billion dollars in interactive games. This probably can give you an overall idea about how promising the game development industry is and how popular it can become in the coming future.

Advanced technologies have literally redefined online gaming in the recent past to such an extent that the lines between reality and fantasy have got blurred. Games today are not only used for mere entertainment but also largely to teach and learn. Technologies for mobile gaming are considered to be one of the biggest influencers in the present scenario. Gaming content and look and feel have undergone a sea change due to the application of immersive and interactive tools. Right from developing electronic games to the era of Arcade games the gaming ecosystem has transformed beyond imagination.

In this post we will see how games have changed to attract and engage players across the globe.  Let us go through the following sections to know more on this.

3D Graphics : Games today rely heavily on impressive visuals. Online games earlier were mainly built on 2D graphics with text based technology. But with the advent of special effects and 3D technology the gaming content has become more lively and interactive. Using suitable 3D graphics new instruments for computing physical characteristics, building realistic textures and in-game interactions between objects can be created. Immersive technologies like AR and VR help in implementing well designed realistic details to enable players communicate in their desired ways with their favourite gaming environments.

Reputed training institutes like Red Apple Learning helps aspiring designers to learn the art of 3D graphics for delivering trend setting solutions.

Connecting People : Gone are those days when people were crazy about playing video games. The coming of the internet has made online playing a team affair. Now friends can be invited  to join and accomplish objectives jointly. Technological advancements have made it possible to play games anywhere and at any time. There are plenty of trusted websites which encourage playing in groups resulting in making it a social affair. Multiplayer games are quite common today and the boon of social media integration has made online playing all the more popular and successful. This is because the scores and achievements can be shared on the networking platforms so that people with similar interests can come across such events.

Game Changing Technologies: There are quite a few technologies that are being used extensively by developers both experts and beginners to come up with diverse games belonging to multiple genres. Like any other genres, gambling is no exception in this regard. Online casinos now resemble the real ones both in content and look and feel. Some of the noteworthy technological changes in the gaming space relate to the following:

  • High definition displays
  • Voice recognition
  • Facial recognition
  • VR and AR
  • Wearable gaming consoles
  • Gesture controls
  • Graphics and animations

Popular institutes like Red Apple Learning Center equip students with job ready courses to enhance their expertise and skills and serve the increasing demands with ease and efficiency.

Using VR and AR Tools : Both AR and VR are used greatly to turn dreams into reality. With VR headsets the gaming enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the amazing world of digital entertainment. The main reason behind the accelerated popularity of AR/VR is the service delivery networks and unified content that help the cloud servers to provide streamed applications via the networks of high speed mobiles. 

Cloud Technology : With respect to online casino gaming, this technology has been a game changer. Apart from keeping the memory free of the gaming consoles and computers, Cloud technology has made playing online highly accessible. A noted mobile game development training institute prepares future developers to master the art of this technique for making the gamers crave for more. 

Increase in Hyper Real Games : Location based entertainment or hyperreal experiences is a trending concept that blends physical and virtual reality to deliver lively gaming experience. For instance by gathering in a physical space, players can put on their helmets and get involved in performing some virtual tasks together. Unlike VR, hyper real gamers can experience all that actually corresponds to the physical space of the room using the headsets. Players of such games can move around the space and can touch some virtual objects and feel those in the form of physical props. In other words this experience can be said to be a mix of AR and VR. 

Red Apple Learning Institute as a Contributor Towards the Global Gaming Space

It is true that game development as an industry has expanded a lot. Also if we look at the global market, demands for games have also increased manifolds. But with respect to these, quality resources as game developers and designers are still scarce. Keeping this in mind many training institutes have come up across the globe to reduce the skill gap. We at RAL are focused not only in making resources competitive to keep pace with the increasing demands but also focus on making future generation entrepreneurs who can actually create employment opportunities for others from all over the world.

We intake a limited number of aspiring professionals who are passionate to create a mark in the current game development ecosystem. With the help of our industry mentors they will not only be able to master the nuances of making games but can also be equally innovative to bring in trends and stand out in the ongoing competition. By qualifying our autonomous screening process candidates can begin their journey in the amazing world of the gaming business.
Conclusion: So what are you thinking of? Any plans of making game development a robust career option? If yes do not hesitate to get consulted by us to kickstart your training. If in doubt go through this post once more and get in touch with our counselors for better insights. Make your dreams a reality today with your dynamism instead of being stagnant with routine responsibilities.

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