How did Google Use Interactive Doodle to Promote Bubble Tea Through Gaming?

How did Google Use Interactive Doodle to Promote Bubble Tea Through Gaming

Recently, we have seen a cute and interactive google doddle that made each Gen Z netizen go “Aww”. This year on 29th January, Google celebrated the global craze for bubble tea ( that is also known as boba tea among youngsters). But what is it? And why did Google choose to celebrate it through our well-liked and adored “Google Doodle”? Let’s jump into our Tangy and Sweet blog that will assist you to get information about the use of the interactive google doodle that won our hearts.

What is Bubble Tea/Boba Tea?

It is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated cold tea beverage that is now loved by Gen Zs. Bubble tea is also referred to as pearl milk tea or  boba tea as well. It is a Taiwanese drink. The tapioca pearls that are used in the drink, which resemble bubbles, have a jelly-like appearance, which gives the beverage its name. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the beverage became quite popular and trendy, especially among the Gen-Z and millennials. Well, it’s tasty as well, hence 5 Stars for that!

Why Google Celebrated “Bubble Tea” Through an Interactive Google Doodle?

In honor of bubble tea, Google Doodle has chosen January 29. On this day in the year 2020, it was revealed that this well-known beverage “Boba tea” would have its own emoji. Therefore, this year Google has created a fun, interactive doodle that lets internet users make their own milk tea concoctions and manage their own shops in honor of the milky and sour beverage. But have you noticed how Google has technically and mindfully used gaming as an interactive medium for spreading its message? But have you thought about why Google used only Gaming and not any other visual mediums? Let’s check it out.

Why did Google Exclusively Use Gaming for Spreading its Message?

One of the most popular leisure activities on the planet nowadays is playing video or mobile games. Video games, in contrast to the majority of other forms of entertainment, foster a social and interactive environment that gives players the ability to compete and develop their creativity.

Children and adults alike can enjoy themselves by playing video games, which have been around for decades. From the earliest computer games to the original Nintendo and Atari consoles, they have seen substantial development. As video games have advanced, the days of pixelated graphics and constrained sound effects are a thing of the past. Video games also get better as technology Is transforming their shape. Thus, Google chooses this interactive way to engage mainly its Gen Z users through this adorable game.

  • The game starts with an animation that will begin playing on the screen as soon as users click the doodle.
  • In the interactive doodle, users can pretend to be a Formosan Mountain Dog running a bubble teacart through a wet forest.
  • In order to make tea in the game, players must simply fill the cup with each ingredient, such as milk and boba balls, until they reach a particular line.
  • Before the shop closes for the day, players must fill five orders, each of which is more difficult than the previous.
  • Each drink is finished, and the consumers line up their straws and satisfyingly poke through the cover.

Gaming these days is acting as a key growth engine for well-known tech giants as well.

How Different Tech Giants like Google and others are Investing in the Gaming Industry?

This year, Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) agreed to buy mobile gaming company Zynga (ZNGA) for about $12.7 billion, Sony (SONY) announced its intention to buy game developer Bungie for about $3.6 billion, and Microsoft (MSFT) announced its largest-ever acquisition for Call of Duty (CoD) maker Activision Blizzard (ATVI) for about $69 billion.

This increased transaction activity reflects a wider shift in media and technology corporations’ perspectives of the video gaming industry. The advantages of purchasing video game publishers and platforms go beyond the profits from a single game, as Microsoft and Sony both have already understood it! Not only that; one of the tech giants like Meta is also planning for getting into the gaming industry through its Metaverse. According to the reports, Mark Zuckerberg is planning to invest more in Metaverse and hire more 3D professionals and a game developer as the work of these two professionals will provide a pathway for the success of Metaverse. These professionals will pave the groundwork for the presence of the virtual world more precisely. So there is a huge scope for those who want to get into the sector and work for tech giants.

Final Note

Google explained the origins of bubble tea in the following way on its doodle page: “Over the past several decades, the popularity of this Taiwanese beverage has grown from its humble beginnings as a local delight. The history of bubble tea may be traced back to Taiwan’s historic tea culture, which dates back to the 17th century. However, it wasn’tpopular until the 1980s that bubble tea as we know it today. As waves of Taiwanese immigrants spread this beverage globally, it was also noted that “innovation on the original bubble tea has persisted throughout the previous few decades. New fusions, additives, and flavours are still being trialled in shops all over the world. The boba mania has spread to nations like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea, and traditional tearooms all around Asia.

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