“Blackboard to Boardroom” 100% Game Development Scholarship Initiative


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In a world teeming with dreams and aspirations, the persistent struggle of students against financial constraints casts a looming shadow on their hopes for a brighter future. The fervent desire to pursue professional training and education often takes a backseat, drowned in the overwhelming burden of financial limitations. Red Apple Learning emerges as a beacon of hope, transcending these barriers to open doors for every student, regardless of their economic background.

“At Red Apple Learning, we believe in erasing the boundaries that financial hardships impose on dreams. Every student deserves a chance to excel, and we are on a mission to make that happen,” declares Mr. Arup Roy, Founder & CEO of Red Apple Learning.


Unveiling the “Blackboard to Boardroom” Scholarship


Red Apple Learning introduces “Blackboard to Boardroom,” an inter-college scholarship initiative designed to recognize and support outstanding final-year students pursuing degrees in fields such as BSc/MSc or BCA/MCA. This groundbreaking opportunity extends to students in their final year of graduation or post-graduation, with a prerequisite of a strong academic background in the specified disciplines.

The chosen student will not only receive a 100% scholarship but will also be entrusted with the “FULL RESPONSIBILITY” by Red Apple Learning. This encompasses top-notch professional training, invaluable internship opportunities, and a guaranteed placement – a holistic approach to nurturing and shaping the future of promising individuals.


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Fostering Excellence in Game Development


Red Apple Learning takes pride in standing at the forefront of exceptional education, particularly in game development. The institute redefines creative learning experiences, fostering innovation, creativity, and expertise in this dynamic field. The game development course is a testament to their commitment, serving as a catalyst for game enthusiasts to pursue their dreams of becoming skilled game developers.

“Our commitment to nurturing talents transcends conventional boundaries, offering a transformative journey for aspiring tech minds”, emphasizes Mr Sauvik Mukherjee (Game Development Trainer). The course not only imparts technical knowledge but also instills a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital era, positioning Red Apple Learning as a launchpad for individuals seeking mastery in game development, graphic design, and animation.


Backed by East India’s Largest Game Production House


Red Apple Learning distinguishes itself through the distinctive advantage of being supported by a production house. This mutually beneficial relationship intertwining education and industry not only exposes students to real-world scenarios but also equips them with practical experiences. Through collaborative projects with the production house, students acquire invaluable insights into the operational dynamics of the industry. This ensures that students don’t just gain theoretical knowledge but also immerse themselves in practical experiences aligned with industry demands. Internship opportunities with the production house (only for game development) provide a real-world perspective, preparing students for the challenges and nuances of the game development industry.


Transformative Educational Experience


Red Apple Learning doesn’t merely provide education; it offers a transformative experience. The institute’s commitment goes beyond traditional boundaries, ensuring that students not only receive academic knowledge. But also develop critical skills for success in their chosen fields. The game development course, in particular, is meticulously crafted to cover the latest industry trends and technological advancements, preparing students to make a meaningful impact in the competitive world of game development.

“Our ‘Blackboard to Boardroom’ initiative is more than a scholarship; it is a commitment to shaping futures and contributing to the growth of the Indian gaming industry. We are investing in dreams and creating a community of skilled professionals ready to make a mark in the dynamic world of game development.” expressed Mr. Samiran Biswas, education head of Red Apple Learning.


Wrapping Up…


Our “Blackboard to Boardroom” game development scholarship initiative is a testament to our unwavering dedication to education, talent development, and community building. It’s not just an opportunity; it’s a promise to empower local youth and pave the way for a future where dreams are not constrained by financial boundaries. Join us in our quest to discover the brightest minds! If you’re keen, join the journey! Applications are open. Drop by our Salt Lake campus to grab your form and seize this opportunity!


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