Entrepreneurship Development Programme

This is the most sought-after career option for centennial generation. Unlike their millennial predecessors, this generation seeks freedom, ethical yet fast earning opportunities & flexible work hours. In addition to that, cool quotient is an absolute prerequisite for professional centennials. In comparison to their previous generations, centennials are the most daring generation when it comes to calculated risk taking. Inspired by the likes of Zuckerberg, Tesla or Larry Page, centennials are not hard workers but smart workers who know that smart work pays way more than a lifelong of hard work. This is the reason why Red Apple Learning believes in honing these in born skills of centennials by encouraging entrepreneurs instead of creating desk farmers attuned to biometric boxes/ discipline.

Our Incubation programme include an amalgam of technical, entrepreneurial, managerial and administrative knowledge imparted through classes, workshops, seminars, client interaction mock ups, crises management and live problem solving.   This is one of the most sought-after courses not only for the humongous prerogatives received by students but also for the provision of revenue earning.