Why Full-Stack Developers are in Demand?


Full stack developers are apparently the most demanding professionals in global contemporary techscape. They’re like Aladdin’s genie, ready to provide an all round solution to most of the IT problems. Hence, it is the utility of Full- stack developers that make them highly demanding. In recent times, full-stack developers are in huge demand both in India and abroad. This is why young tech minds are aspiring to become full stack developer. But why? There must be any reason behind that? So today in this article we would be discussing about why full-stack developers are in demand.

Why full stack developers are in demand

What is Full-Stack Development?

Earlier tech companies used to hire separate developers for front end and back end. With the emergence of Full Stack or Mean Stack development, a single developer can design the front end as well as develop the back end. They are also equipped with the knowhow of server side and database management which literally makes them indispensable for technology companies. Essentially, full-stack development is the art of building, designing, and implementing sites or applications by a single person. Full stack developers can broadly be considered as Jack of all trades.

What is the Prospect of Full Stack Developers?

Now, let’s focus on the industry demand for full-stack developers. As full-stack developers have both the flexibility and the knowledge from a broader perspective, hence they have a huge demand. Even a few years back, both front end and back end developers had a demanding prospect. However Full stack developers with an all encompassing domain expertise have replaced the discrete requirement and can serve the purpose of both front and back end developers, single handedly.

Full Stack Development positions are expected to grow from 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Full-stack engineer” is the fourth most popular emerging job in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report. Since 2015, full-stack engineer jobs have grown at a 35% annual rate, according to the research, and “the rapid pace of change in technology has made full-stack developers an advantage to any firm.”

It’s a crucial position in any technology company. Due to increase in automation and online platforms, the need for full-stack web developers has grown in recent years. Therefore, the demand for these developers will continue to grow as long as we need for internet or web applications.

How Much Salary Does Full Stack Developers Get?

The salary structure of these professionals reflects the higher price tag. A report from 2019 accounts that the salary prospects of full-stack developers in Bangalore start from an average of 6.25 lakhs to 14.22 lakhs per year”. Moreover, these professionals are very cost-efficient for a company. Hence, due to this, young tech lovers are joining more full-stack development courses that act as a bridge between the industry.  A full-stack developer is familiar with both the front end and back end of a program. As a result, hiring them instead of hiring separate professionals for both front end and back end is incredibly cost-effective for the employer.

Scalability of Full Stack Developers

As we have already discussed above that nowadays, all IT-related businesses are hiring full-stack developers instead of front-end and back-end developers separately. In many industries companies are increasingly turning to full-stack developers over the individual front or back-end developers; due to huge profits, they come up with. Startups in particular have a constantly ticking financial clock, so they look for these developers. Keeping all these factors in mind, the demand for full-stack developers is increasing at a huge rate. Moreover, after giving a stipulated time in this profession and years of experience; a full stack developer can also switch from the position they are working in to other managerial job roles along with that into other technical job roles. The scalability of full stack developers are really high. Additionally, tech giant companies are also switching to full-stack developers.

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Flexible Work Environment

Increasingly, our world is heading towards a gig economy. And thus it is advocating trends like flexible work patterns. Job roles no longer have to be confined within office walls and “clocks ticking”. A full-stack developer can also sit in any part of the world and develop end-to-end applications.

For all these above-mentioned reasons, there is a growing demand for full-stack developers. Now we will be moving on to another segment,

Do Full-Stack Development Courses Help an Aspirant?

The full-stack development course is the only program that specializes and cover-ups the required topics that will be necessary for the tech aspirants in this field. Learning full-stack development can be difficult but the full-stack development courses allow you to have an in-depth understanding of the programming languages that are necessary for this field. It focuses more on learning what matters, and gives a proper delivery value sooner.  Even though the number of professionals is increasing; they also lack the necessary expertise and skills, these skills and expertise are brushed up and injected to the aspirants who wants to get into this field. The unique skill set and abilities of full-stack developers make then attractive to companies, which can offer handsome salaries as well.

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