What is Metaverse? All You Need to Know

Metaverse is the newest inclusion in Gaming Technology which is transforming the entire experience of gaming and reality

Have you ever thought of going back to the mask free and cheerful life? Where there will be no sorrows or sadness, everything will look perfectly glorious and gorgeous and in a world where everything will be achievable. Seems like a dream, right? Well it may sound all Jolly Golly but now in reality it is possible, YES it is possible in Metaverse!

Well, recently Metaverse have become one of the most trending topics. Although, Metaverse is and it’s expected to become Internet’s next big thing, paving a well defined path for the developers, entrepreneurs and even innovators as well. But while we are talking about all these technicalities, one should know that what exactly Metaverse means?

The portmanteau of the two Greek words “ Meta” which means “beyond” and “Verse” which means “Universe”. Metaverse refers to the shared virtual world that one can have an access to it through internet. It is the future interaction of the internet. Metaverse is a physically persistent and gaming among all the other unique things which we associate with Metaverse today. With the advancement of this digital era, in this “meta-verse” people can do anything as they do in real life. Meta verse is also talked in the movies like The Matrix, DC comic’s Justice League, Snow Crash etc.

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Global tech giants like NVIDIA, Facebook (now known as Meta), Epic games and Roblox corporation are constantly on the news for their creation of the virtual world. Each of them have their own different ways, for example NVIDA is going with Omniverse, while Meta (Facebook) acquired Oculus VR to develop virtual meeting spaces. They have also changed their name recently to Meta so that they can lay focus on its metaverse version. “The next platform and medium will be even more immersive and embodied internet where you’re in the experience, not just looking at it, and we call this the metaverse,” said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg after revealing the company’s re-branding. The company have further planned to invest $10 billion to build the Metaverse.

Even, Microsoft which is one of the tech giants, they already uses holograms and they are also developing mixed and extended reality (XR) with Microsoft Mesh platforms. They have also planned in bringing mixed reality and virtual avtaars in Microsoft teams in 2022.

How Gaming is Beneficial to Metaverse?

In coming years, metaverse is going to take a lot of users attention. On a positive note, the gaming industry has become more prevalent. Majority people find online games stunning and an engaging and also a modest way to find find leisure time from their manic schedule. Moreover as we have mentioned earlier that during the pandemic, the inclination towards gaming have increased in an enthralling way. Famous companies such as Nintendo and Tancent have witnessed sore in their sales during the first quarter. The demand for this industry will remain tenacious even in the upcoming years. As per KPMG report, the online gaming market has risen form $870 million to over $1 billion. Hence, There are lots of options for you to choose in this industry and with the emergence of metaverse, gaming industry will of course show an upliftment.

With the future This new future of the internet comes with the potential of creating new job opportunities. We have curated a list of job opportunities in the Metaverse.

Career Opportunities in Metaverse

Game Designer :

With the emergence of metaverse, there is a huge potential for the demand of metaverse game designers as they will establish preliminary processes to align cross-functional teams. And they will also design end to end games with satisfying and novel core mechanics and game loops. Along with that they will also contribute in making strategic decisions as well. Game designing as a career option will be a great opportunity for the students who are willing to make a promising career.


The virtual quality of metaverse also promises an huge number of possibilities mostly to the3D game animators. you not to worry about anything, because the future of animation is ever changing. Noticeably, the quality of animation underwent a drastic change in last couple of decades.

Asset Advisor:

The parallel universe provides opportunities to the asset advisors as well. With the surge of NFT’s metaverse advisor managers will be in great demand. As per an media report, over $ 400 million have been dropped on NFT’s.

Tour Guide:

The virtual quality of the Metaverse gives an infinite number of possibilities to the tour guides when it comes to immersive worlds. Considering how imaginative we humans are there is a possibility that the Metaverse might just open the doors to a new form of tourism. Humans may need Metaverse tour guides to navigate and explore the different virtual universes– almost how the Avengers hopped from planet to planet. 

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