Is There Any Scope of Animation in India?


A career in animation is the most sought-after career option, nowadays. And why not? With highly competitive salaries, career growth, and the chance to showcase your creative side. Moreover, which job prospect gives you a chance for being creative and get paid for that? Damn, that’s one of the positive sides of being an animator! Hence, animation is a great career choice for today’s youth. Animators combine entertainment industry skills with technology to create graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips. In short, we can define animation as the art of bringing characters to life. So in this blog, we will try to solve all your queries about the scope of animation. Along with that, we will also give you proper answers about other important questions as well. About whether the animation sector has a scope or not? Keep reading to solve your queries!

Scope of Animation

What is the Career Outlook of the Animation Sector?

For knowing the scope of animation, we should first focus on the career outlook of the animation industry. Special effects artists and animators are expected to expand by 16 percent between 2020 and 2030. Substantially faster than the national average. As per the US bureau of labor statistics, over the next ten years, “about 7,800 openings for special effects artists and animators” prediction done by the industry experts. Many of those positions are likely to arise as a result of the need to replace individuals who move to alternative occupations or leave the workforce for other reasons, such as retirement.

If we talk about the Indian animation sector, it is expected that the animation industry in India will grow at a much faster rate than the IT industry. A report by EY estimates that the animation sector will grow to 39.7%  in 2022from 13.5% in 2021. In the next 3 years, the demand for animation and VFX segments will grow more. Along with that, the demand for animation courses is also growing among the students. The segment is forecast to nearly double to reach Rs 180 billion in the next 3 years.

What is the Estimated Monthly Salary of an Animator?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the careers in animation, the salary for animators in 2017 was approximately $70,530. The national average, according to Glassdoor, is $74,000. The salary of the animators, like many other industries, is based on experience: senior-level animators or art directors can earn well into the six figures. Although you should never choose a job entirely based on salary, it is an important factor for aspiring animators. The sector is competitive and it is also rapidly expanding. A career in animation is more glorious than any other profession.

Is Animation a Safe Career Prospect?

Over 15,000 animation specialists work in India’s more than 300 animation companies. The gaming sector is one of the most popular places to work, and it pays handsomely. Though animation is most commonly used in cinema and television for amusement, it is also used in other fields such as business, sales, engineering, education, and advertising. Print media and publishing companies also employ animators. Another alternative, particularly for online animators, is freelance work. Website design, graphics design, and three-dimensional product modeling are all options for animators.

The recovery from the COVID-19 recession, which began in 2020 and is expected to last until early in the decade, will account for a large portion of the projected job gain in this occupation. An increase in the demand for animation and visual effects in video games, movies, and television will fuel projected growth. Animation as a career option will allow you to fulfill your dream of enjoying as you work and feel satisfied at the end of the day and receive praise from your clients as well.

How Can you Get into the Animation Industry?

Getting into the lucrative animation sector is easy. In this space we will discuss about how can you get into this industry with proper specialization:

Take an Animation Course 

For most people, going to school is the first step how to become an animator. To be very precise, animation roles require a diploma or a certificate course in animation might work as well. This industry is all about skills. The more skills you have the more job offers you get.

Non-degree programs like diploma and certificate courses are mostly preferable by the students as these courses concentrate more on practical experience and less on theoretical-based knowledge. As we have said earlier, this industry requires skills, so if you have enough money and too much time to spend then choosing a degree course may work.

Try to Develop your Skills 

Your professors can only teach you so much about how to become an animator, no matter how amazing your animation program is. They can motivate you to do your best, but you must put in the effort yourself. You’ll want to work on acting and observation skills in addition to developing core art skills and mastering animation and editing tools. This will assist you in comprehending body language and movements, allowing you to recreate specific emotions and features in the characters which you will make. Another important factor is teamwork. Collaboration is necessary for animation projects, and you’ll need to practice managing feedback and critiques as well as being a good group member.

Take Away

In this technologically advanced era, these new-age career options are not only in trend but they are beneficial to a student as well. The animation sector offers a young aspirant enormous amount of scope. Students pursuing traditional educational streams are likely to struggle in this highly competitive environment. Career skills of the new age are necessary.  As technology advances, students must also learn new-age skills. Like AR, VR, metaverse, NFTs, and game engineering. 3D animation, graphic designing, and game development are the most sort after courses.

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