How gaming industry can become a better workplace for women?

Even though women are excelling in fields like education, science, sports and even politics; there are still industries which remained untrodden. Gaming industry is one of the paths that remained unexplored by them. Being a multi billion dollar industry having huge job opportunities, there is acute lack of awareness among Indian youth. With advent of AR/ VR/ AI and game engines; gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

Percentage of Women Employees in Gaming Industry

Gaming is one of the immensely large industries, under the subcategory of media and entertainment sector where women game developers are accounted for nearly 30% and men about 61% and 9% for third gender ( As per the data of statista). hence, after this report, it can be observed that this industry is mostly preferred by men but this sector is as normal as other sectors be It education or medical or engineering.

Welcome to the world of gaming which is booming at the compound annual growth rate rate (CAGR) of 12.9 %. the global gaming industry is forecast to worth $256.97 billion by 2025, and if we walk towards Indian gaming sectors then it is predicted to reach USD 4.01 billion by the year 2026. and also as per the reports of FICCI, gaming industry has the fastest growing segment for the fourth year in a row. The only constrain this industry is facing is “ manpower”.

Women these days are mostly focused on being independent and where does independence come from? Self dependency is the answer.

Decisive factors while choosing a job

What are the Factors does a Women Looks into While Getting into a Job?

  1. Flexible work arrangements
  2. Shorter commutes
  3. Full transparency full pay and benefits packages

These three things are most important for any employee irrespective of their gender. As per Deccan Herald, the online gaming segment could offer employment to over 40,000 people by 2022. So here we have a clear picture about the vacancy and the demand of manpower in this sector. Then instead of sweating for years to be successful, choose a job prospect where you can get a job easily. Think intelligently!

Opportunities for Women in Gaming Sector

This sector can give you quite a lot of opportunities to get create a rewarding career of yourself. Not only game writer or artist, you can also be a game designer and a game developer. You just need to understand your capabilities and talents. There are many girls who can really excel in the gaming industry but just that they are not aware of the possibilities. We have listed few roles which you can choose :

  1. Game Animator: the another name we can give them is multimedia expert. The job of of a game animator is to combine technology, creativity and imagination into animated images.
  2. Game Audio Engineer: or the sound experts. They have to add or mix up music and give a dynamic sound effects which will bring life to the video game.
  3. Game Designer: the duty of a game designer is to create characters, levels, puzzles etc. They need to conceptualize ideas and blend it with creativity.
  4. Game Programmer: the game programmers have to create programs with the help of coding so that the smartphones, computers or the video game systems can read. They have to identify which coding language will be best suited for a gaming platform.
  5. Creative Game Director: they have to make sure that the video game project looks perfect in every aspect.
  6. Game Artist: They are the creator of every character which will be needed for the game. They design 2D or 3D art forms for the visual elements.
  7. Game Marketer/PR: They have a central role in gaming process. They have a duty to deliver a message from the developer and to make possible that the public takes it on a positive way.

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