How Sudipta Sen, a BSc Student Transformed into a 2D Game Artist


Passion has the power to shape our lives in extraordinary ways, leading us down unexpected paths. Sudipta Sen, a BSc student, discovered his love for games during his childhood. However, he found himself at a crossroads upon completing his degree, unsure of how to pursue a career in the gaming industry. Determined to overcome the challenges ahead, Sudipta embarked on a journey of self-improvement and found the perfect place to upskill: Red Apple Learning.

Here Starts The Inspiring Journey of Sudipta Sen

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The Passion Ignites

Sudipta’s fascination with games began early when he was a kiddo. From spending countless hours playing video games to being captivated by the art and creativity behind them, he knew he wanted to be a part of the gaming industry. However, like many aspiring individuals, he lacked a clear path to turn his passion into a profession.

The Disheartening Start

After investing significant time and money into his BSc degree, Sudipta found himself disillusioned when he secured an internship that offered a mere five thousand rupees. Despite the initial setback, he refused to let disappointment consume him. Sudipta realized that in order to fulfill his dreams, he needed to enhance his skills and stand out from the competition.

The Search for Upskilling Opportunities

Motivated by his desire to excel, Sudipta actively sought out avenues to upskill himself. He scoured the internet, attended workshops, and reached out to professionals in the gaming industry. It was during this search that he discovered Game asset designing, Graphics, and UI/UX courses in Red Apple Learning—an organization dedicated to providing specialized training in game development and design.

Why Sudipta Choose Red Apple Learning?


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Sudipta chose Red Apple Learning for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, the organization had an outstanding reputation in the industry for delivering comprehensive and practical training programs taught by the experienced professionals who were actively working in the gaming industry. This real-world experience gave Sudipta confidence in their ability to equip him with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

Additionally, Red Apple Learning’s curriculum was designed to be highly immersive, with hands-on projects that allowed students to apply what they learned in a practical setting. Sudipta knew that this experiential learning approach would provide him with the practical skills and portfolio he needed to stand out in a competitive job market.
Furthermore, Red Apple Learning offered a supportive and collaborative learning environment. Sudipta was impressed by the testimonials and success stories of previous students who had secured jobs in reputed gaming studios as well as in East India’s largest production unity i.e. Red Apple Technologies after completing their training at Red Apple Learning. This track record reassured him that he was making the right choice.

The Journey of Upskilling

Enrolling in Red Apple Learning marked a turning point in Sudipta’s journey. The program offered a comprehensive curriculum covering various aspects of game production, including 2D asset creation, character design, as well as UI/UX designing. Sudipta immersed himself in the coursework, dedicating long hours to mastering the tools and techniques required for his dream career.
Red Apple Learning provided Sudipta with invaluable mentorship and guidance throughout his journey. The experienced instructors offered personalized feedback, helping him refine his skills and address any challenges he encountered. The collaborative nature of the learning environment also allowed Sudipta to connect with fellow aspiring game developers, fostering a supportive network that motivated him to push his boundaries further.

Emerging as a 2D Game Asset Artist


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As Sudipta progressed through the program, he discovered his passion for 2D game asset creation. The courses at Red Apple Learning not only equipped him with the technical skills to create stunning 2D assets but also helped him understand the nuances of storytelling, color theory, and user experience design. Through rigorous practice and continuous improvement
Sudipta’s journey from a BSc student to a 2D game asset artist wasn’t an easy one, but he refused to give up on his dream. By taking the initiative to upskill himself and choosing the right learning platform in Red Apple Learning, he was able to turn his passion into a career.  After the completion of his course, successfully got placed in East India’s one of the largest production houses; Red Apple Technologies. Sudipta’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and finding the right resources to help you achieve your goals.

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