Key Responsibility Area – Counselor

  1. Responsible for conducting counseling sessions for potential students.
  2. Responsible for generating requisite monthly revenue.
  3. Responsible for reporting and updating spreadsheets on each potential
  4. student met and updating the detailed feedback post counseling session on a daily basis.
  5. Provide feedback to Field Execs, Marketing team and TC on the leads to improve quality of marketing
  6. Responsible for completing the Student Admission Form with all fields accurately filled out (mandatory).
  7. Responsible for updating New Student on ERP and completing the course details and payment projection.
  8. Responsible for facilitating loan facility to interested students and modifying ERP projections as needed.
  9. Responsible for collecting the 1st installment from new students and issuing money receipt.
  10. Handing over the collections to Front Office for depositing in bank.
  11. Responsible to follow all company rules and regulations with regards to pricing and brand integrity.
  12. Ensuring that no false and incorrect information is shared with the potential students.
  13. Conduct student orientation program prior to starting a new batch and distribute student kit to all new students.
  14. Actively participate in business promotions and development activity.

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